Hotel Hygiene – The Germiest Surfaces in Your Room

Hotels are great, right?  You’re away from home but you still have a nice place to rest your head.  Sure, there are varying levels of comfort but ultimately you get the same experience.  Hotels become your home away from home, but with the added benefit of having someone else clean up after you.  These magical spaces aren’t without their downfalls, however.  Do you ever stop to think about how many other people have stayed in that same room, and the hidden gifts they may leave behind?  I’ve been extremely fortunate to stay in properties where the cleaning staff do a good job, or at least I think so.  The folks over at Travel Math put together some great info-graphics on hotel hygiene and the dirtiest surfaces of hotel rooms.  Armed with this information, I’m thinking I may not be so lucky after all.

Hotel Hygiene

Their website breaks things down even further by three-star, four-star and five-star hotels and the differing levels of cleanliness between their sampled properties.  Head on over there and check out the rest of the article!  Then go to your local grocery store and pick up a pack of anti-bacterial wipes before your next trip.

Hotel Hygiene Exposed | Travel Math


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