Why You Should Wear Shoes on an Airplane

Airplane Feet
Airplane Feet

No Shoes, No Boarding!

In all my years of travel I’ve seen a lot of things.  Poorly dressed people, angry passengers, dogs peeing on the carry-on sizing bin (perhaps it’s a sign?).  Never have I seen someone try to board a flight with their shoes in their hand.  I can now officially say that Southwest has a No Shoes, No Boarding policy!

Returning from Ontario (ONT) the other night, we had just started to board when a larger man walked barefoot up to the gate with his shoes in his hand.  Really buddy?  Since when did the terminal become your personal lounge space, and the plane your bedroom?

The Southwest gate agent kindly reminded the man that shoes were required to board.  Instead of stepping aside, he began putting on his shoes in the middle of the doorway down the ramp.  Again the gate agent had to prompt him, this time to step aside, so passengers could board.  Really, sir?  Common sense would dictate you’d have the shoes on to begin with, let alone that you would step aside.  I guess some people weren’t blessed with that ability to thing things through.

Why You Should Wear Shoes on an Airplane

Folks, not only is it just more sanitary to keep your shoes on, it’s a safety thing.  Taking your shoes off also happens to be one of the 10 Things You Should Never Do On A Plane.  Should something happen during the flight, especially during the critical stages of takeoff and landing, those shoes will come in handy.  The last thing you want to do is stub your toe as you run up the aisle to exit the aircraft.  Do yourself a favor and keep ’em on.  If your feet really need some air during the flight, wear flip flops, or better yet, drive.




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