KARAPAX iPhone X Case – A Bargain Buy

I’ve been a fan of Anker products for nearly five years now. I’ve owned multiple battery packs, multiple cases, and am a HUGE fan of their cables. Anker just makes good products. So naturally, when the iPhone X went on sale, I immediately turned to Anker to see what their response would be.  Their answer? The KARAPAX Shield Case.

The Pros

Anker Karapax CaseFor the price point, KARAPAX Shield is no exception to Anker’s quality offerings, and is a solid choice to the overpriced alternatives in the market. It is lightweight, and doesn’t add a bunch of bulk to the phone, something that is rather important to me. It works great with my wireless charging pad, which is also Anker-branded, and fits well into the same dashboard mounted phone holder that I purchased for my iPhone 6s+. This case envelops the phone and seems to provide ample protection for day-to-day usage. I hardly know it’s there.

The Cons

There is just one thing that I don’t like about the KARAPAX, and that is the back is too slick. Unlike some of their previous cases, there is no rubber on the back of this one. This case is more prone to slip around and fall off of unstable or un-even surfaces. A big problem? Absolutely not, but something to be aware of if you like to rest your phone on your leg or on the front seat of your car.

If you are an everyday user like most of us are, KARAPAX is the case for you. If you’re a super outdoorsy, high-adventure, high-risk lifestyle type of person, you may want to invest in a slightly more rugged case.

Should you like to purchase one for yourself, here’s the link:


My review is based upon a sample product that I obtained from Anker as a member of their Power User program. I was not compensated in any way for this review and the contents of this review are my own.


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