Waze, Popular iOS App, Releases Update

My close friends all know about my love of Waze, the startup GPS App for iOS and Android that was purchased by Google a couple of years back.   In addition to the existing crowd-sourced real-time traffic stats, hazard and police location reporting, and excellent support community, they’ve re-tooled the app, cleaned up the interface and have made things a lot more user-friendly!

I first discovered Waze on a family vacation back in 2009 to San Diego.  Was a big fan of TomTom’s GPS app, but it wasn’t yet compatible with the brand new iOS that had just released.  Needing something to route us around the city, and drawn by the real-time data, I decided to give it a shot and quickly fell in love.  In fact, I haven’t ever gone back to another app since that moment.

Why You Should Download the Waze Update

  • It’s awesome
  • Less taps to do what you want to do
  • Decreased battery usage
  • Re-designed reporting menu
  • Real-time departure reminders

If you have never tried Waze, give it a shot.  Seeing as Google Maps sources it’s traffic data from Waze, you may as well abandon that option entirely.  The only other competitor, as far as iOS is concerned, is Apple Maps, which has it’s own share of problems.  While the latest update is currently available only for iOS, the Android version is close on it’s heels and should be released soon.

More info: Waze Releases New Version – Welcome to Waze 4.0!

Waze (Free) | iTunes App Store


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